Associations between health and environment

The threats and opportunities from environment to human health are as complex as important issues to explore. During a Short Term Scientific Mission in October 2013, funded by the COST Action FP1204, Dr Matilda Annerstedt van den Bosch from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences visited the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) in Truro, UK. The aim was to meet the demand for multidisciplinary, international approaches in matters of health and environment associations. Even though the topics are addressed within national research communities the need for cross-national, conclusive results is fundamental for reaching evidence, which is applicable in policies related to Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services.  Several common research interests between our universities were discovered and many collaborative outcomes were achieved, such as publication plans, and project and funding plans regarding collaborative projects on health and environmental impact assessments.

Matilda Van Den Bosch