STSM: Survey on knowledge transfer and interaction between research community and stakeholders in Green Infrastructure and Urban Forestry

During October and November 2013, Francesca Ugolini from the Institute of Biometeorology-CNR in Italy went on a short term scientific mission to the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Her STSM aimed at surveying the knowledge transfer and the strong and weak points of collaboration between different groups of stakeholders in urban forestry and green infrastructure. During the STSM three on-line questionnaires were developed; they address to public administrations, researchers and professionals. While the survey covers EU countries responses have even been obtained from USA and Canada. So far, more than 350 responses have been obtained and we still invite all readers to contribute their respond by visiting this page: In 2014 the full report with all results will be available at this webpage.

Contact: Francesca Ugolini, IBIMET-CNR,