Pieve Tesino (Italy) 29 June – 3 July 2015
Implementation of green infrastructure approach to link environmental and social aspects
in the research on urban forests
The school will provide to doctoral students and young researchers an overview of the latest research developments in the field of urban forestry with special emphasis on green infrastructure approach, to link environmental and social aspects in specific research perspectives. The school will give the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss about several scientific issues developed in the European context about different types of urban forests.
A full-day field trip to Padua will be organized in agreement with the colleagues of the local University to illustrate the main goals of the urban forest city plan.
The participants have to be admitted as PhD or licentiate students. The participants should present at the school a short description of their own research in terms of research question, methods and benefits for society.
The school is organized by the Alpine Research Center of Tuscia University, in collaboration with the Department for Innovation in Biological, Agro-food and Forest systems and FPS COST Action FP1204 “GreenInUrbs” (www.greeninurbs.com) and is free of charge.
The COST Action “GreenInUrbs” will make available 25 grants of 500 € each for the selected participants.
Eligible participants are those from COST Countries and from approved Institutions of COST Near Neighbours Countries (please visit the website http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/fps/Actions/FP1204 for details).
Application. Interested participants should contact and/or send an application with a brief CV and a declaration of the status of phD or licentiate students to Lucia Cherubini (fp1204.grantholder@ibaf.cnr.it) by 20 April 2015.
Selection will be based also on geographical distribution and gender balance.
Venue. The training school will be held in Pieve Tesino (Trento Province – North-Eastern Italy) at the Alpine Research Center of Tuscia University, in collaboration with the University of Padua.
Travel information. Pieve Tesino can be reached by:
– plane – Venice “Marco Polo” airport;
– train – Venice (from VENEZIA MESTRE Railway Station to BORGO VALSUGANA EST Station, travel with train change at BASSANO DEL GRAPPA;
Trento (from TRENTO Railway Station to BORGO VALSUGANA EST Station;
– bus – from BORGO VALSUGANA BUS STATION to Pieve Tesino.
Accommodation. It is available with youth hostel standard. The price is 15 euros per night, the breakfast is not included but coffee breaks and light lunches will be available free of charge during the event. Dinner can be organised at the price of 10 -15 euros at the restaurant Cima d’Asta.